Remember, the prices here are based on initial estimates. For a tailored quote that reflects your unique project, book a call with us. Let’s uncover the endless possibilities awaiting your project.

App Development

New App


Estimated Time: 20 hours/platform

Bring your vision to life with a brand new, custom-built application. Our expert developers will work closely with you to craft an app that aligns perfectly with your goals.

App Update


Estimated Time: 10 hours/platform

Enhance the functionality and features of your existing app. Our team will efficiently implement updates to keep your application at the cutting edge.

Web Development

New Website Creation


Estimated Time: 20 hours

Launch a stunning, responsive website tailored to your specific needs. We’ll handle everything from design to deployment, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Website Update/Revisions


Estimated Time: 10 hours

Refine and improve your current website with our update and revision service. Enhance user engagement and functionality to stay ahead of the competition.

Monthly Hosting/Maintenance


Estimated Time: 3 hours

Ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently with our monthly maintenance package. We’ll handle updates, backups, and security checks, giving you peace of mind.